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When the founders of the David Brower Center sought funds to build their 50,000-square-foot green center in downtown Berkeley, they produced a 22-page brochure to woo prospective backers. I created the copy. The campaign worked. The center opened in 2009.


David Brower Center
Because the environmental movement deserves a permanent home.

The David Brower Center will be the home of the 21st century environmental movement. Under one roof in the heart of Berkeley, activists, business people, students, and visitors from around the world will meet, eat, exchange ideas, and work toward a just and ecologically sustainable society.

This gathering of progressive citizens will be unprecedented—and its importance is critical. In this era of "virtual communities," activists need a real place to call their own. And in this age of short-term thinking, the social change movement needs a place that's built to serve for generations.