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This brochure is one of four, with each devoted to a different region. For each brochure I wrote the cover headline in a local language. And on each back cover I wrote this same message: “41 years. 15,000 trips. 100,000 travelers. Millions of memories.” Because MTS is the pioneer in adventure travel, no competitor can even approach these claims.


Epic. Mystical. Magical.

And You’re Invited.

Dear Fellow Adventurer,

When you think of Latin America, what springs to mind? I think of surprises that verge on magic.

Take Veracruz, in Mexico, a land so rich in jungle life and tumbling whitewater that you’ll feel like a nineteenth-century explorer. Or Peru, where ancient stone citadels float above the clouds. Or Patagonia, with its wind-scrubbed vastness and its granite spires that burst into flame at sunset. And Costa Rica, where the howler monkeys raise a shriek so strange that you’ll think you’re on another planet, and so oddly beautiful that you’ll find yourself waiting for the next howl.

In these places, there’s no such thing as “ordinary.” Let us show you the magic—and the hospitality—of Latin America.

Kevin Callaghan
President & CEO