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American Lawn Mower

Something happened to this country when the push mower fell from favor. No longer did suburbanites cut their lawns with a bit of invigorating exercise on Saturday mornings. Instead, they fired up machines so loud and smelly that neighbors fled and windows slammed shut. Well, now you may revive a sense of community on your street, cut the greens with precision, save natural resources, and firm up the thighs. This American-made marvel is crafted by the finest of hand-mower makers, with ball-bearing, blade-spinning reels for spry and effortless cutting. The carbon steel blades snip the grass instead of hacking it, as power mowers do. The result is a healthy and attractive lawn, sans the hearing loss and asphyxiation. Cutting width is 18"; cutting height adjusts from 1/2" to 2 1/2". When it comes time to store this mower, just hang it on the wall.


Assorted product copy:

Kloss Table Radio

The name “Henry Kloss” produces a Pavlovian response in audiophiles everywhere. The man behind legendary KLH and Advent systems now turns his genius to the Model One, a radio that looks old-fashioned but sounds like the future. The revolutionary AM-FM tuner captures closely spaced signals and distant signals alike, and the long-throw speaker driver is small enough for extended treble yet big enough for healthy bass. Put this walnut-boxed wonder on your kitchen table or countertop, serve up some blueberry pancakes, and pull sweet strains from the ether.


18-Piece Multi-Tool

Unless you’re like MacGyver and can get out of a jam with only a paper clip and a stick of gum, keep this tool handy wherever you roam. An expansion on the theme of our 12-piece Multi-Tool, this 18-in-1 model is like a tool bench on your belt. Note the pliers, the scissors, the blade, the screwdrivers. Stainless steel. Comes with ballistic nylon belt sheath.


Thyson Flashlight

Fear not the dark of night or murk of basement. This light brightens every corner with its powerful beam. Stainless steel body thwarts corrosion and feels hefty in the hand; two “D” batteries (included) keep the light going. Built tough in the USA. 11" long.


Rabbit Corkscrew

It’s hard to be suave when you're struggling with a stubborn wine cork. But sweat no more. The Rabbit is the taster’s choice, a true revolution in the art of openage. Squeeze the lever and the nonstick-coated stainless steel screw glides straight through the cork. Raise the lever and the cork lifts right out. No broken cork. No hernia. No worries. The Rabbit even comes with an ingenious rotary cutter that removes foil seals. Handsomely boxed for giving.


1939 Woody Station Wagon

The Depression was over. America had turned the corner. And as it happened, many people took that turn in the soon-to-be-classic 1939 Chevrolet “Woody” Wagon. Now it’s back, scaled just right for the desktop and crafted by hand of over a hundred parts. The front doors and hood and tailgate swing open, and the wheels spin for the occasional trip through a simpler time. 10 1/2"L x 4"H x 4"W.


Corcoran Stainless Steel Torch

When the sun slips away and evening takes over, there's nothing like the primitive pleasures of torchlight. And there’s nothing like our Corcoran for an extra dash of style and quality. This handsome torch begins with steel tubing, powder-coated with black and then topped with a stainless steel body. A simple chain secures a cap that snuffs the flame and protects the wick—which, by the way, is fiberglass and burns for quite a long time. Just the same, we’ve included an extra wick for umpteen hours of enchanting illumination. 68"H.

Measure Magnet

Who could possibly remember that one-third cup equals 79 milliliters? Who could possibly want to? Stick the Measure Magnet to your fridge or stove, always handy for quick reference. Brushed stainless steel of culinary grade, 4 1/2" x 3 1/4". A Restoration Hardware exclusive.


Different Doormats

If you've had your fill of fibrous doormats that hold dirt and moisture so long that they could nurture seedlings, consider these hale and handsome alternatives. The Bainbridge mats are high-grade rubber, guaranteed to stay flat and live long in brightest sunshine and deepest wet. The Quatrefoil is cast aluminum with a matte black coating, tested for performance and durability. It’s our exclusive design. To clean these mats, just spray them with a hose.


Introduction for Paradigm sheet spread:

In the realm of bedding, threads count. A lot. Three hundred is nice, 350 is a thing of beauty, and anything over 400 threads per square inch and you’re talking about cotton so smooth and so silky that it squeaks when you tuck it in. Introducing Paradigm: 464 threads per inch of the finest Egyptian cotton percale. It’s the pinnacle of fine sheeting and our recipe for years of blissful slumber.


Introduction for furniture hardware spread:

If God is in the details, good hardware comes from heaven. The right knobs can transform a dresser, after all, and the right bin pulls can work miracles on a row of kitchen drawers. But finding good hardware isn’t easy. I know. My desperate search for good fixtures, over 20 years ago, prompted me to found Restoration Hardware. Since then, we’ve endeavored to offer you nothing but high-quality hardware at affordable prices. These products work well. They endure in both function and style. They are the soul of our company.