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At V&Co, we remodel homes and renovate commercial spaces, with a specialty in architecturally significant and historical homes. To each project we bring the wisdom that comes with 26 years in construction, along with a quest for perfection that keeps us young and hungry.

Count on us to

  • respect your budget, your schedule, and your intelligence
  • listen to your needs and wishes, and turn those into our guiding
  • collaborate and communicate with you, your architect, designers, and
    other professionals
  • suggest solutions that can save you money, save you time, and achieve the
    exact look and feel that you want
  • anticipate problems to maximize efficiency and minimize surprises
  • sweat every detail so you don’t have to
  • wipe our feet

When you’re shopping for a contractor, seek someone experienced, skillful,
and ready with strong references. We’re confident that you’ll choose us.

Let’s talk about your project. Call Bob Vranizan at 415-648-8779.